A hundred years after Sir Ernest Shackleton's Endurance Expedition, Patrick Bergel, the great-grandson of Shackleton, along with Hyundai, takes on Shackleton’s unfinished dream.

Just a wee look ...

In the run-up to the full reveal of the next-gen Santa FE, expected here within a few months, Hyundai has released some teaser videos, including this one  demonstrating a few of the incoming tech bits such as Safe Exit Assist. That driver aid notifies occupants about to exit the vehicle when there's another vehicle approaching from behind, and will temporarily lock the doors to keep passengers from wrecking doors, vehicles, or themselves..

Royal performance

Lexus has just released the full-length version of “Long Live The King,” the commercial from Toyota's premium division and Marvel Studios’ Black Panther featuring the all-new 2018 Lexus LS 500 F SPORT and King T’Challa (a.k.a. Black Panther). With amazing stunts and driving demonstrations, “Long Live The King” shows, Lexus says, why the LS 500 is the luxury performance sedan that takes the crown.

A spin with a difference...

SO here's thing thing. You're Lexus, you've got a new sports car and ... well, seems like nobody in the automotive press is taking it quite seriously enough. What to do?  Answer: Bring in AMCI, an automative marketing consultancy big on events and activations, to create a test that provides the right kind of results. The showdown between the LC500 and an Aston Martin DB11 (nothing like aiming high) is certainly serious - after all, the test driver is Justin Bell, son of world-famous racer Derek. Nonetheless it has triggered a lot of chatroom discussion about how 'real' this exercise really is, not least because the video was circulated by Lexus. We're not saying nuthin' beyond 'watch and decide for yourself.'



Foust at the fest

You may know Tanner Foust from Top Gear’s ‘American’ spinoff TV series, however his main talent involves creating enough tyre smoke to evaporate an ozone layer. The Formula Drift champion has been a spectacular entrant for Rod Millan’s Hahei-based Leadfoot Festival. So check out some of his past action in the absolute bonkers, V8-powered Rockstar Energy Volkswagen Passat. 

Baby back from the grave

BMW’s postwar Isetta was one weird car. But it worked, at least for people who did go that far, or that fast, didn't carry very many people ... and, erm, had no way of buying a 'real' car. Anyway, now the Isetta is back, this time in electric form, as the Microlino. Still weird, but still weirdly cool.

SIM-ple, right?

The latest personality to get behind the wheel of the state-of-the-art simulator at Red Bull Racing's HQ is none other than YouTube and gaming star Sim Racing Girl, aka Sinem Temur.

Sinem began racing on gaming rigs just a year and a half ago, but since then has become one of sim racing's biggest stars. So, how did the Belgian get on in what might be called the daddy of all gaming rigs?