Van versus car and the future of driving

Why the pace of automotive change continues to delight.

Renault Espace for Richard Ram.jpg

The Renault Espace was one of the first people movers out of the blocks. Half van, half car we hadn’t seen anything like it before. And now thirty years on the theme continues and gets updated and reinvented with features like electric and hybrid options, and semi-autonomous trickery. How we use might use such a vehicle isn’t set in stone. Car sharing, carpooling, ride-hailing and increased use of public transport in bigger cities is causing car manufacturers to rethink what we might need in a “car”.  

Volkswagen haven’t been sitting on their hands with 2018 seeing the arrival the Moia EV, a rethought van with the seemingly cannibalistic aim of reducing the number of cars.

For those with little room to park a car, infrequent use for a car and the need to lug round bikes and other awkwardly shaped big things, these once embarrassing people movers and the options they bring may see us rethink the car.

The car of the future isn’t a car at all. Minivans and autonomous shuttles take centre stage as automakers try to understand the future of driving.