Quinn: No rush for ultimate speed machine

The only Kiwi with first dibs on Aston Martin’s hypercar is apparently unsure if he can be bothered about it.


MOTORSPORT mogul and Aston Martin superfan Tony Quinn is reportedly thinking ‘yeah-nah-maybe’ about a special opportunity to own the brand’s impending hypercar.

The Scottish-born Kiwi has confirmed he has been approached by the British marque to consider adding the recently unveiled Aston Martin AM-RB 001 to a dream garage that already includes the brand’s current hero, the Vulcan.

However even though the business magnate and towering motorsport figure agrees his Highlands Park and Hampton Downs racing circuits would be ideal playgrounds for a car designed to be as quick as current Formula One machinery, he’s apparently still not sure if it’s the right fit.

The amazing admission – and, some might say, astounding ambivalence - toward a car whose limited build run of 150 units has already been massively over-subscribed comes out in an interview Quinn, pictured with his Vulcan at Highlands (he's the guy in the race suit), recently gave to an Australian motoring magazine.

Quinn confirmed a conjecture raised by MotoringNetwork on July 7, the day the AM-RB 001 was revealed – namely, that as one of the world’s 24 Vulcan owners, he has preferred status for a machine co-shaped by the world’s most successful F1 designer of the modern era, Adrian Newey.

Being the owner/racer  of the very last Aston Martin Vantage GT3 ever built in the Australian GT championship and having raced a number of other Aston Martin GT3 cars also makes him a valued customer.

However, in an on line interview, Quinn expresses that he isn’t convinced he should part with his hard-earned money for an AM-RB 001 just yet.

“Aston have been in touch with me and they want me to put my name on the line,” he is quoted as saying.

“It is a little bit insane isn’t it, really? There are people starving in the world. I will have a look at it, but I wouldn’t say ‘yeah I will have it’ at this stage.”

Quinn confirmed that having an example of the $4.5 million track-only Vulcan gives him first option of the AM-RB 001 – which will have a proper name when it comes on sale in 2018 and could conceivably be priced from $6m to $8m.

“Anybody that has got a Vulcan gets automatic rights … if they want one,” he said.

Quinn expressed that, if he does decide to buy, his preference will less likely be for one of the estimated 25 track-only AM-RB 001s ­– which Aston Martin claims will be as fast as an LMP1 car at Silverstone – as the road-going version of the two-seater, even though that edition might yet be ineligible to be driven on New Zealand roads.

“It is a little bemusing for me that what anybody does with one,” he told the magazine. “If you are a German, American, or Saudi Arabian, at least you can take it out on the road and give it a bit of a blat, and there isn’t policeman hanging off every bloody street corner hoping to get you.

“But in Australia and New Zealand, they are very anti-fun on the roads.”

Quinn reportedly remains in discussions with Aston Martin regarding a purchase, and any sale could hinge on future prospects.

“We have been approached and there has been talking and the phone calls have gone back and forth. But none of that means anything,” he added.

“I am trying to work out what is going to happen in 2018, when I would have to pay for the thing. Have I got a business deal that is going to close then which is going to make me a huge profit? Then it is an easy decision.

“If I start saving now I would have to have four jobs to have enough for a deposit.

“The kids would probably stop talking to me as well, they would consider me loopy.”

Quinn said he was unaware if anyone else in the region had been approached regarding the AM-RB 001.