Ohm time for Kona

Korea’s powerhouse car brand has revealed an all-electric version of its recently-released compact crossover.

FANCY a Hyundai Kona that can travel 400 kilometres’ on electricity alone?

There’s potential that Kiwis could be among first international customers for the long-awaited pure battery-driven version of the small crossover, which has been revealed today by the Korean giant ahead of its full debut at the impending Geneva motor show.

Hyundai New Zealand has previously said it is keen to have the new car here in 2018, joining the Ioniq hatch whose pure EV and hybrid formats are taking on with New Zealand users, not least fleets. The Auckland-based distributor is fulfilling an order for 70 Ioniq EVs to serve as shared-drive cars in Canterbury.

Today’s release of photos and technical detail suggest the Kona could have even greater appeal.

Hyundai has developed the Kona Electric in short- and long-range versions. The first boasts 99kW and 395Nm while the long-range unit offers 150kW and 395Nm of torque.

The latter also offers a driving range of more than 400km – that’s around 120km better than the Ioniq EV manages – whereas the short-range version will cover more than 200km on a single charge. Hyundai also claims a 0-100kmh time of 7.6 seconds.

Recharging times are also smart. It’ll take less than an hour to charge to 80 percent capacity via a fast charger or less than 10 hours from a conventional wall socket.

The Kona Electric is 15mm longer and is 20mm shorter than the regular Kona; the wheelbase is the same 2600mm.

Hyundai claims the batteries are fitted into the platform meaning interior space is more or less unchanged from the standard petrol models’, so there’s a 373-litre boot. Admittedly, this also has to provide stowage for the charging kit. The one in the Ioniq takes up considerable room.

The Kona Electric has all the active safety features that have just been announced for the new Santa Fe.